Wednesday, August 28, 2013

National Cataract Awareness Month

National Cataract Awareness Month Draws to Close, But Eye Protection from Sun Remains Crucial Even though National Cataract Awareness Month is drawing to a close, there is still a few weeks of summer left to enjoy. Even though summer might be winding down it is still very important to remember that too much exposure to the sun and not enough protection can potentially lead to cataracts. Cataracts current affect over 22 million Americans age 40 and older, and as the U.S. population ages, more than 30 million Americans are expected to have cataracts by the year 2020.
Remember, sun damage can occur any time of the year, not just during the summer. Some basic things to keep in mind to continue to protect your eyes from the sun are: 1. Wear UV blocking sunglasses and brimmed hats whenever outside for extended periods of time. 2. Clouds don't block the sun's damaging rays. 3. Consider any medication you are taking. Some medications - including birth control pills, tranquilizers and diuretics - can increase not just your eyes, but your entire body's, sensitivity to UV light. 4. Everyone is at risk. Make sure your children and older family members are all adequately protected from the sun. Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed on a daily basis in the U.S. Over 3 million cataract surgeries are performed each year and is a procedure with little to no pain, limited recovery time and many experience improved vision within 48 hours.

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