Thursday, July 25, 2013

Contact lenses

When it comes to contact lenses - for both new and seasoned lens wearers - communication with your eye care professional is essential, but often overlooked. A short conversation can deliver plenty of valuable information to make your lens wearing experience trouble free. Your eye care professional is always ready to discuss routine exams, lens comfort and lens replacement, when needed. A recent survey conducted by Wakefield Research and sponsored by Alcon found that most contact lens wearers surveyed haven't had a conversation about lens care with their doctor in approximately three years. Some basic questions and topics to discuss regarding contact lens wear and care during your next appointment with your eye care professional are: 1. Choosing the lens solution that is right for you. While many believe that all lens care solutions are the same, that isn't accurate. Lens care solutions can be specifically designed for cleaning, rinsing, disinfecting and storing. Your eye care professional can guide you in selecting what would be the best lens care solution for you. 2. Considering a change in lens care solution brands? Before changing lens care solution brands, make sure to consult with your eye care professional. Make sure to mention any problems or concerns you are having with your current lens care solution.
3. Proper Cleaning of Contact Lenses and Lens Case is Essential There is nothing more important than proper lens care hygiene when it comes to your vision. A short review with your eye care professional of your lens care hygiene can keep your eye and lens health trouble free. Identifying problem areas like reusing solution or wearing lenses for longer than suggested can quickly be corrected. 4. When Should I replace my lens case? Is it clean? The easiest way to preserve the life of your lens case is to follow the care, cleaning and storage suggestion from the product manufacturer. Make sure to allow adequate drying time for the case each the lenses are removed. Storage cases should be replaced as directed by the manufacturer. 5. When should I replace my lenses? Your eye care professional can provide a contact lens replacement schedule. Avoid using lenses for longer than the recommended time suggested by the product manufacturer and your eye care professional as it can potentially lead to discomfort, pain and other eye health concerns.

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